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Why Choose Us?

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Not All Orthodontic Offices Are Create Equal

We know that choosing an orthodontist is a very personal decision. There are many orthodontic offices and treatment options available to you.

Here are just a few details about Braces and Smiles that describes “What Sets Us Apart” from other orthodontists:

Complimentary initial exam. Dr. Lee does not want to set up any barriers to exploring your orthodontic options. Our initial exam is complimentary and this is done so that we may provide you with as much information as possible.
Dr. Lee is an Orthodontic Specialist. An “Orthodontist” is recognized as someone who has completed an additional advanced specialty training degree or certificate (beyond dental school) of two or more years. While general dentists may legally do “orthodontics” after taking courses, they are not considered to be “orthodontists.” Dr. Lee has obtained specialty training and limits his practice to orthodontic care.
One Orthodontist. We have one orthodontist. You can count on Dr. Lee to give you his personal attention at each and every appointment.
Providing Quality Care. Dr. Lee will personally evaluate your progress at every active treatment appointment. Another critical factor is the quality of the orthodontic treatment and how the braces are positioned on the teeth. Dr. Lee will personally place every band and bracket, as well as any other appliance necessary to aid the movement of teeth. Few orthodontic practices still offer this kind of personal attention and quality treatment. Dr. Lee and his team take pride in the beautiful smiles created and the close detail to the quality of work
Leading Edge Technology. We are committed to offering only the best in orthodontic diagnostic and treatment supplies. Dr. Lee’s iTero scanning machine is the latest technology allowing scans of your teeth rather than using the conventional impressions for taking records for braces or Invisalign. The iTero machine constructs an instant 3-D digital model and avoids the use of radiation.
Superior Customer Service. Effective orthodontic treatment is generally a process that can take several months to several years; Dr. Lee realizes that providing a high level of customer service is extremely important. Please let us know if we have not met or exceeded your expectations.
Meticulous Sterilization. Our patients are not just members of the community. Many of our patients are our friends, relatives, staff members, and members of our immediate family. You can be assured that we follow all of the OSHA and New York State Department of Health guidelines for sterilization techniques.
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